Invitation for Leasing / Franchising

Hello friends,

We hope everyone is in great shape! (Financially and spiritually..) Summer is on its way and so do the mangoes, which would bring us to the afternoon siesta as good ‘ol Gujjus!

Anyways, Back to business. We are about to complete the final touches to Monaarch and the visuals will be soon out. Your walk-in would be great to see our creation and the intricate detailing we’ve put in for the longest life of Monaarch.

Many of our clients are pursuing leasing and franchising options for their property in Monaarch. And we take this opportunity to invite you for your requirements of space and visibility on long/short term lease as well as franchising.

Our city is becoming multifaceted with the youth experimenting with myriad art forms and fitness activities. Work space is essential for such endeavours like art exhibitions, workshops, gatherings etc. We would be glad to put in our share by facilitating interesting activities at Monaarch.

Do let us know.

– team tBcoindia

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