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Men are said to be more attracted to competition, having that ego drive within. Where as females are more calm, collected but also have the skills and knowledge that men do not. A particular statement written by Gneezy & List had caught my attention which states as i quote. “You might be surprised (and saddened) by the actual gender breakdown of who applied for each kind of job. In general, women didn’t like the competitive option; in fact, they were 70 percent less likely than men to go after a competitive job. Further, the women who did apply for the highly incentivized job tended to have more impressive resumes than the men who applied for those same jobs. These findings seemed to underscore the fact that, when it comes to competition, men aren’t nearly as shy as women.”

This brings me back to a particular day in high school where i had attended a career expo. Still at this point of my life i had no deffinate direction in a career path even though as i was previously persuaded into making a more safe, stable and not as competitive decision for my future career. In result I had applied and been successfully accepted for the Australian Air Force eariler that month.


As i walked through the expo i stopped to check out the SAE stand. If i remember correctly the Audio Lady’s was named was alice. I caught a grin from in there corner of my eye as she proceeded to say “it makes me happy to see at least one girl wanting to do music, its surprising too considering females have more sensitive ears compared to males but i guess i could understand the competitveness with the ratio to men”

I wasn’t only shocked by the fact that women have more sensitivity in their ears (which i will forever hold on all the guys in my class) but because she “understood” why that could be a contributing factor as to why no girls had signed up. As of then i could also see the hypocrsy in my desicion making for not being bold enough to at least try to challenge myself in the competitive music industry. I love music so what i was doing? I settled for less but i wanted more.

I read more into this on a couple of articles on HuffPost Women and read this one text that related to how i was thinking.

For hundreds (thousands?) of years, society taught women that competition in most areas was ‘unfeminine’ and that only very subtle competition in very limited areas was acceptable for a woman. So we channelled all our competitiveness into those areas.

Now im not going as deep into the whole feminism talk about how we been pushed to the ground about where and what women should be doing, its more about society controlling what is socially accepted and what isnt. What jobs are a bit biased? how we can make can we encourage more women to pursue what they want without having to feel the pressure of the subtle limitations that may be held within certain areas.

So in conclusion what did i learn from this? What changes could i make not only for myself but to benefit others? To hopefully start a revolutionary movement about keeping all jobs 100% bias free worldwide?!

Nothing really i just the quit air force and signed up to SAE on that day. Hopefully inspiring others with my ever so motivating change in life.

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