Secret Interview Techniques

I’ve always had trouble expressing myself and really showing who I am when first meeting new people, especially under pressure when in a job interview. Don’t get me wrong, all my friends and family best described me as outgoing, talkative and easy going. Though as soon as I get to the desk.. Goes straight out the window, they say that’s natural, its what is expected. So how do employers really know who they’re hiring? how do they make it fair if there are people out there who are great with people skills in those sort of situations. Then my lecturer had said, majority of the employers make their official judgement of hiring you in the actual interview rather than reviewing your resume to see if your qualified, this is why people who are known to the employer have more of a chance being hired than a stranger because they have shown the personal positive traits.

I hate how it works, but at the same time it works for me. Twice I have lost two opportunities of getting a job because both of the businesses had were run by the same person. This person was a mother (Caroline) of a friend of mine, you would think I would have a bit of a higher chance right? apparently not, in my senior year of high school there were barely any jobs for part time students available so majority of my grade had already beat me to it or trying to. So as predicted Caroline would have had the opportunity of observing her daughters close friends when they visited, leaving them with the job position. My emotions were mixed, should I be angry? she missed the chance of getting to know me better, should I be upset? maybe my interview didn’t have enough passion for the job, or should I be accepting? I myself, am familiar with the process and have also gained two jobs from connections so I should of expected that its just how it is. So it weighs itself up in the end.

In saying this I did some research, I mean I wouldn’t want my future career with possible major companies to be affected if I know I need to work more on social networking rather than applying to a hundred different jobs. So I came across the International edition CNN website and had read an article and was interesting to see stated in the first few paragraphs “In a job hunt, some experts say that connections are the most important influence in landing a job. Without a personal referral to pass your résumé along to a manager, statistically it seems unlikely that the only people getting job offers are those with the right connections.” From this point of view I believe this could be used as a good aid, but even with the connection it is only a useful source if you uphold the jobs expected skills, knowledge and above all the right attitude and personality. Furthermore the discussion had concluded by rephrasing a text from T. O’Donnell, founder and president of “I would say without a doubt that it’s not the number of connections, it’s the physical connecting that gets you hired. You don’t get referred if you don’t connect with someone in a way that makes them trust you enough to refer you. Moreover, even if you are referred by 10 respected people to the hiring manager, if you don’t connect with her or him, you won’t get hired.”

In summary of my findings I’ve gathered that from this point on, as much I disagree that connections with will guaranteed get you hired rather than working on your interviewing skills,

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