Social Media & Your Career

Social Media & Your Career CIU had once again proven to me the importance of how this module can get us as students a head start in any sort of industry by simply blogging weekly including your assessment work in a professional manner, to create a starting point in your portfolio also obtaining many other industry skills.

Most would consider a different point of view and focus more towards creating the perfect CV, but in my belief portfolios is seen to be more in depth of the persons art/skills and interests in the their industry.

As a personal method of mine, at the end of each month I’ll review my experiences specifically identifying certain events such as my mistakes/problems, personal achievements and completed goals. Basically using this information to compare to last months review then determine whether or not I had taken a step forward or two steps back. The reason behind this is, using this strategy if I visually lay out my timeline of my progress but see no positive changes, I change point of views and picture myself as a professional artist and ask myself. Would I hire this person? can she adapt to new challenges easily & how long would it take? only motivating me to work harder. In conclusion, blogging my work weekly encourages me to extend my efforts and skills, involving more depth and professionalism in my portfolio. Also proving my capability and musical skills through the assessment i had previously done.

ReferencesPortfolios (Authentic Assessment Toolbox). (n.d.). Retrieved from

ReferencesPortfolios (Authentic Assessment Toolbox). (n.d.). Retrieved from

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