Your Income & Your Art

In weeks two lecture, it had really shown a whole new view on how CIU can benefit ourselves and our careers. This weeks topic was titled “Your Income & Your Art” basically asking how do we see ourselves making money? Are we aimed to become an employee or create our own business? what’s an ideal or expected income ? Furthermore we had discussed the different kinds of ways we could earn money suitable for our type of skills and knowledge. I favoured the idea of becoming an employee and proving I am capable of receiving any project or challenge and resulting in improving their organisation.

I feel as if I can really relate to being a good employee, as in present and past experience I can show the ability to adapt to different environments, tasks and routine. I have worked in many different job classifications (hospitality, retail, administration, healthcare) still showing that I have gained and kept the personal attributes of being a team-worker, having time management and staying reliable through any job. The whole ‘employee’ concept is well known for I’ve been in and out of different jobs knowing the skills needed to be able to not only learn but keep my job.

To be an employee has its significance as it is their responsibility to follow through all tasks given, having great affect on the involvements of the business. If the employee doesn’t come through with positive constructiveness, professionally this can cause issues with both the employee and organisation. Working in a team environment can be really beneficial for everyone, but if an employee comes across as creating a negative relationship towards anther co-worker or manager it creates more problems than is really needed. Both these issues are supported by a association named APA phycNET (American Psychological Association).

Coming across the idea of becoming an employee and asking myself how this relates to me, really clears up the view of what kind of workplace I see myself in and what I can work on now to prepare myself for my future career. Out of all my findings in my research, my only sudden interest was the inspiration to start researching for volunteer or work placement with any sort of creative industry to gain professional experience.

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