Your Professional Identity

CIU111. As i delved into this subject, i created a great understanding of not only my own interests of my chosen creative industry but also my classmates. In this weeks lecture, the topic “Your Professional Identity & How We Are The Same” was discussed between the class, having students gathered from different creative courses.

To begin with, i had automatically assumed that the only similarity i could predict we shared, is the motivation as an artist to continuously improve on our skill set within our creative field. Furthermore, i had realised more than likely the entire class will go through the same experience as me. Right from trying to study & self promote as an unknown student to improving on your professional identity for my future careers. I felt relieved to know i wasn’t alone in the struggle of uni life, as of now i understand the importance of helping those in need of my assistance. As Rosalind Gill had stated “We are all creatives who work with new media”

The term “Entrepreneurism” had my greatest interest as I’ve always pictured my thoughts to be described as “creatively imagining my own reality”.

Ive never spoken nor written about these specific thoughts but i suppose thats what this subject is for. Throughout my day and during my usual daily activities, i try and keep creative and my imagination active by searching my surroundings for inspiring objects/ people/ events, then ill attempt turn it into lyrics, visualise my goals and most commonly creating a rhythm & beat with sounds around me. This has helped me in life to stay motivated and work harder. With this I hope to benefit others with my creativity to inspire, motivate and most importantly express myself as music is my true representation.

Entrepreneurs are viewed as being the key to economic development aka. the brains of the development. The position sounds ideal although take in perspective the complexity of the pressure to uphold a great pitch without although there are quite a few different types of entrepreneurs that aren’t just used for business development or economic business. Relating to my creative field, the concept

In saying that i still need to keep balance by still being open minded to influences, ideas and data information. This can only improve with my professional identity as my taste in music, interest in creativity and even my looks will change over time. I’m hoping for that my targeted audience will stay open minded and and broaden their interests but if not Im fully aware of the risk of bad criticism although ill still keep moving forward to my own success.


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