Cartier’s Love Bracelets, crossing generations since the 70’s

Created by Cartier in New-York during the 1970’s, the Love Bracelet was described as the “symbol of love and commitment”. This piece of jewelry is among the most well-known bracelets of the world. It is easily identifiable by its refined style and incorporated screws used to seal the bracelet on the wrist with a dedicated golden screwdriver. The classic Love Bracelet range has a limited number of pieces. Yet it is very popular among couples of all ages for 46 years now, and keeps seducing actual young adults of both sex, who don’t need any partner to fall in love with this Cartier’s popular jewel.

Mark is a young french businessman of 29 currently working in London. He loves his job, even it often takes over his private life. As a matter of fact, he his always traveling; from London to Tokyo or New-York, he is accustomed to sleep more often in hotels than in his own home. However he does not care, because it is the kind of life he as always looked for. But deep inside, he is waiting … Waiting for his annual trip to his birthplace in Marseille south of France. 
The bright sun shining in the sky, the Caribbean blue of the sea in front of his eyes, Notre-Dame de la Garde from where he could overhang the whole city and feel totally free from conventions, or the Calanques, transporting him to a nature heaven in only an hour walk.

He reminds all the time he spent with his father there: the Sundays afternoon chilling in the city, the restaurants and cafés they went to, as well as the wise advices he received (and still receives) from him his whole life. But overall, Mark cannot remember his father not wearing a Cartier Love Bracelet on his wrist. This is a piece of jewelry he saw his whole life.

Mark has forever been fascinated by the Love Bracelets forever and is willing to buy one of them and create a kind of family tradition. For him, this simple bracelet is also a piece full of memories of both his life and his father. He sees it as a way to always be in the South of France even while traveling around the world.

Cartier is the only jewels brand to craft a refined yet very simple bracelet for both men and women, that does not need fancy add-ons on it. Different materials and kinds of design are proposed, but not to much so that Cartier can stick to its target: couples and young adults.

Mark has been influenced first by his father, who wears a Love Bracelet for decades. But later, his will to buy his own bracelet has been reinforced by two former young ladies of his class wearing one, with no other purpose than the beauty and simpleness of the jewel. Mark has also been influenced by the different social media showing pictures, videos and comments of people having a Love Bracelet.

Is whole life, Mark dreamt about this bracelet. There is no chance for him to buy another piece at some random competitor. The material, the durability and the unique style of Cartier Love Bracelet, as well as the family symbol it represents, prevents him to buy anywhere else. A bracelet as sleek as the sea and full of memories. That’s what Mark was looking for, and found it at Cartier.

PS - Mark loves his father from the bottom of his heart. But this is not something a son often says to his father, and he regrets not doing so. Eventually, the Love Bracelet he is about to buy is a way to say how much he loves him.

This post was created as part of the Global Luxury Management Program at the NC State Poole School of Management. All thoughts and opinions are my owns and reflect my personal point of view.

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