THE DESIRE TO WANT NOTHING. it’s quite a conundrum. a 365 day experiment in unwant.

Day One

I’m setting off on a one-year journey. 365 days. My goal is to want nothing.

This account… blog… diary… will be a record of my efforts. Undoubtedly I’ll get my butt kicked morning, noon, and night but I’m cool with failure; it only makes the successes all the sweeter.

Right now, upstairs, four kids ages 5–8, are making a hell of a racket. I want them to pipe down, quit jumping on the floor, screaming, bouncing off the walls. I want silence. Peace & Quiet.

Of course, by wanting these states of mind I come in conflict with my greater desire, which is to want nothing.

No, I am not a complete moron. I realize this very desire to want nothing is a powerful desire all its own.

For now, however, this minor problem must be overlooked. I am not evolved enough yet to not even want nothing.

An hour later and the kids are quiet now. Two of them have left, gone home. The other two, our six year old twins, have settled down and are looking at the pictures in their older sister’s social studies book.

I wanted them to find something quiet to do, but fortunately, before I could inflict my want upon them, they started doing it on their own.