4 Expert Tips that Can Help You Design Memorable Billboards

Billboard Advertising Effective Medium in Dubai

Even after the growth of eCommerce and commercial advertising channels, billboards continue to prove as one of the best advertising tools. They have a great potential of spreading out your companies’ name to the potential buyers, if they are designed properly. Catchy slogans, images and proper positioning increase the value of billboards. Here are some important tips on designing great billboards which have been shared by advertising experts from outdoor advertising agencies in Dubai.

Create a simple brand message: Less words express more, especially in the case of billboard advertising. If people drive a car with the speed of 70 miles per hour, they can skip your brand message, if you have created wordy billboard. People only view billboards for 5 to 6 seconds as they do not stop the car or their vehicle to read your entire advertisement. The same could be applicable for LED billboards. No matter how flashy and colorful the billboard is, simple but appealing messages and images encourage people to read the entire ad.

The shorter length of the brand messages, iconic type of images and phrases, contrast color-combination are key elements of billboard designing. Apart from this, easy to read and remember billboard ads can generate good return to the brand.

Visually memorable billboards: Billboard advertising makers in Dubai say that most memorable billboards contain surprising visual elements. The shock factor in billboard advertising leaves lasting impression on the commuters. Surprising elements come from elevating the ordinary into extraordinary with clever illusions, humorous presentations, uncommon designing elements, surprising images and appealing messages.

Call-to-action ads: Appealing and thought provoking advertisements boost conversion and engagement. Call-to-action messages help to create good advertisement. You can get immediate engagement of audience by call-to-action brand message. Experts say that if you do not have a scope to create this type of advertisement, then try to create suspense so that people can check out the website to get more information.

Make it consistent: While conducting an advertising campaign, you may advertise your product through newspapers, outdoor mediums, magazines, online or TV channels. So, while designing or promoting billboard advertisement, make sure that it matches your newspaper, magazines, online or TV advertisements. This consistency helps you to hammer the brand message on people and make it memorable.

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