Make Your Brand More Impactful with Outdoor Advertising

Advertising on train and bus stations, airport terminals, taxis and other outdoor places offers a big impact on the target audience. It is not only inexpensive but also highly effective. That’s why outdoor advertising has become a boon for all types of businesses. Especially for small businesses who have a limited budget for marketing, outdoor mediums offer great help to them.

Most of the businesses in the UAE prefer outdoor platforms to market their products. That’s why, the annual revenue of the outdoor advertising sector in Dubai has been increasing every year. Dubai has many attractive outdoor locations which offer great exposure to the brands. According to the professionals who promote products through billboard advertising in Dubai, you can spot many opportunities or platforms in Dubai from where you can promote your brand.

While walking around Dubai you can find many advertising spaces at shopping centers, airports, taxis, buses, highways, market area and crowded places of the city. You can place billboards, lamp-post banners and posters on them and spread your brand message to your target market. 
Billboards and lamp-post advertising in Dubai are ideal for small firms because they can target audiences geographically. Bus stops, which are situated opposite the malls and fish and chips shops can give good exposure to your products. The only need is to target the right audience and where they might need your services. At such places, you can make people aware about upcoming movies and branded clothes. You can also make the announcement of sale and other attractive offers through this medium.

Outdoor advertising offers many benefits to the business but some people feel that these mediums are outdated. Even, the smallest firms’ owners don’t realise how cost-effective they are. Just because big brands use this medium largely, small entrepreneurs assume it’s too costly. However, average cost of a standard 48 sheet billboard is around £200 per week. On the other hand, a few seconds slot on commercial media like TV can cost more than any billboard ad. Lamp post banners and posters are more reasonable than billboards.
Lamp post banners are often used by many advertisers. If you want to raise awareness about products and upcoming events, these banners are effective. They are tactically positioned on the streets which make it impossible for the commuters to avoid them. Everyone who passes from that particular place sees the same ad many times. This encourages them to remember the brand for a long time. It is seen that car dealerships mainly use lamp post banners to attract potential buyers so you can see the latest models.