Make Your Brand Stand Out by Using Effective Outdoor Advertising Tactics

Billboard Advertising in Dubai

Out of home is the oldest advertising medium but still contains the power of conveying a message to the masses. Today, outdoor channels offer a wide exposure to the brands due to excellent marketing strategies and technical support. 
One of the attractive features of OOH is that it is convenient so you can move signs and banners from one place to another. They can be made in a less time at lower costs, that’s why it is affordable for all sizes of businesses.

Outdoor advertising agencies in Dubai mostly prefer billboards. They believe that billboards are more relevant and integrated into other media activity. While designing an outdoor media campaign, entrepreneurs mainly allot funds in creating billboard ads as they increase brand visibility in different demographics.

Billboards are placed on highways, bus stops, airport terminals, railway stations, taxis, malls and other outdoor places that provide high visibility to the advertisements. Billboard advertising designers in Dubai, say that, strategic placement of billboards helps you to gain more exposure. For example, the advertising banner of insurance policy should be placed near offices, bus stops and malls. This would help you to convey information in your target audience.

According to the report, 80% people spend most of the time outside. Hence, they are mainly exposed to the various outdoor ads. That’s why, outdoor mediums are in high demand as compared to other commercial mediums.

Secondly, outdoor channels can combined with digital media marketing tools. This allows companies to promote brands with the help of interactive forms, including images of 3D characters, virtual environments or visual graphic design elements. This not only fetches attention of people but also enhances an image of the company.

OOH media has a great potential to create an awareness about businesses. However, it is important to follow the designing rules of it to make your advertising investment more worthy. Commuters don‘t have enough time to read or watch a long advertising message. That’s why, advertising message should be short. Experts say that 6 to 7 words are ideal for billboard messages as they are easy to read in a short time.
It is essential to present a realistic brand message. Relevant promotional posts increase the credibility of business. They change the people’s perception about the company. They also help in building a trust so customers do not feel cheated or misinformed about the company’s products or services.

Lamp post advertising in Dubai also offers greater visibility to local products and services. Small businesses have small marketing budgets. That’s why, many of them prefer lamp posts advertising as it is affordable than other outdoor mediums. In this format, you can put a number of lampposts in a sequence. While driving, people see the same add at many times which makes your brand memorable.