Outdoor Advertising in Dubai Offers Promotional benefits to the Brands

Outdoor advertising is a great medium which connects businesses to the consumers for a long time. This is less expensive than any other advertising mediums. Creative approach and customised advertising solutions make your brand stand out in the market.

Many entrepreneurs think that, commercial mediums like TV and radio are more effective than other mediums. It is true that these mediums have a wide reach. However, they also allow people to avoid the advertisements. According to the outdoor advertising companies in Dubai, most of the people prefer to skip advertisements or switch to other channels. Some of them check messages, mails and do other works during the commercial break. That’s why, these mediums are losing their impact.

The different channels of outdoor advertising in Dubai offer a wide exposure to the brands. Medical tourism, hotel industry, retail are the growing sector in Dubai. These industries find outdoor media effective in creating brand awareness in a less time. When it comes to brand pitching, product launching and brand recalling, entrepreneurs mostly use OOH mediums.

Every medium of OOH can be utilized as per the marketing objectives. The only important thing is that the concept and the design of the advertisement should be attractive and appealing.

Here are the different ways of outdoor advertising and their advantages.

Billboards: Billboard advertising has been popular from decades. It has been updated with the time and trends, that’s why, it still delivers amazing results. Billboards are generally placed on highways and other busiest places of the cities. Their strategic placement makes it possible to give wide exposure to the brands.

Lamp Post banners: It is also the oldest medium and still provides amazing results. Lamppost banner is a modified form of posters which are placed on street lamps. Strategic placement provides great visibility to the businesses in high-traffic areas. It is a cost-effective medium, that’s why it is a popular among small companies. Lampposts allow advertisers to promote brand in desired geographical location. New techniques make lamppost durable so that they can sustain in any weather.

Airport and mall advertising: These mediums are mostly used to market the luxurious products. They provide a great level of exposure to the brands. They are placed strategically at airports and malls so people cannot avoid and view them. These mediums help to build brand loyalty and maintain brand dominance in the market.

Taxi and bus advertising: These platforms are used when advertisers want to hit a specific area. Attractive images on taxies and buses fetch the attention of drivers, pedestrians, bikers and cyclists. People who hire a taxi or go by bus, they see the advertisements. These advertisements catch the attention of commuters.

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