The Ground Rules of Billboard Advertising: What You Can’t Ignore

Simple and Unique Billboard Advertising in Dubai

The impact of advertising on a business is well-known to all. Though digital advertising is in vogue, in certain parts of the globe, traditional methods of advertising still has its roots firmly planted.

No other medium is as popular as billboard advertising in Dubai. In fact, outdoor advertising in Dubai is synonymous with billboards. But there are certain rules to be followed to make it a success:

1. Keep the target audience in mind. While products are developed, keeping an audience in mind, it is sensible to keep that target audience in mind, while designing a billboard ad too. For instance, if you intend to sell your product to the 6–10 years age group, it would pay off well to have some cartoon characters in the ad.

2. Make it exciting. The more visually-appealing your ad, the greater its impact.

3. Make it kingsized. A billboard isn’t just supposed to engage those at its feet, it’s there to be seen by people 500 feet away too. Make your texts tall — about a feet, with ample spacing between words.

4. Say it in a few words. We really envy those who have the time to wait and read a ‘bookish’ billboard ad. Most eyes watching the ad will be those of miserly passersby’s, with not a minute to donate. Keep the ad short and catchy.

5. No fancy fonts. While fancy fonts may look good, they are barely legible from a distance. So keep it simple.

6. Relevant pictures only. Some go too far ahead in beautifying their ad. We agree that Pandas are cute, but we have wildlife patrons for that. The spotlight should be on the product that you want to sell. Don’t let the focus of the viewer shift to something else.

7. Design responsibly. Your billboard is meant to attract attention, not cause distraction. Design clean ads that convey the message, without being provocative.

8. Choose high resolution images. As a thumb rule, billboard images should have a resolution of atleast 300 pixels per inch. This minimizes the blurring effect due to distance.

9. Include your contact info. Your billboard is, after all, your plus-sized business card. Make sure that it mentions your contact information.

10. Choose bold colors. Black, white, red, yellow and blue are the ideal choices for billboards, which make them noticeable from a distance. Contrasting color improve the readability.

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