Why Billboard Advertising is a Worthy Investment for Your Business

Billboard Advertising in Dubai

While driving on highways and busiest places of the cities, you sometimes notice a catchy slogan, any celebrity’s face, tempting burger or other attractive images. Yes, you guess it right! Here we are talking about billboard signs. Billboards have been around for years and they are unavoidable when you are on the road.

Most people are very fond of billboard ads as they not only convey information but also entertain them.

Most of the people like to see billboards ads. One of the top outdoor advertising companies in Dubai has conducted a research recently in order to know why billboards are effective medium in Dubai for all types of businesses. There are some surprising and valuable facts which have come out from this research.

70 % of people use highways on a regular basis for reaching their destination.
People spend more time outside from home.

People see billboards frequently than any other commercial mediums like TV, radio and newspaper as they are unavoidable.

Many people are very fond of billboard advertising because of their captivating images and thought-provoking messages. 
People also view billboards because they inform them about local brands.

People also like billboards because they don’t have to pay any cost for viewing them.

Most of the people shop on their way home from work.

90% people actually read the billboards.

72% people make their shopping decisions while in the car.

50% of people demand the product which they see on a billboard.

Billboards do not interrupt consumers as they do not produce any sound, smell or other type of distracting things.

Billboards fetch drivers’ attention with attractive messages, bold colors and creative graphics.

Billboards allow brand owners to reach more people faster and easier than any other mediums.

Captivating billboard advertising increases products’ awareness which help entrepreneurs in increasing the sales and profits.

Billboard is one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising as it cost 60% less than television, cable and radio channels.

Billboards offer 24x7 exposure to the brands and remain at the same place for a month or longer.

Most of the people use the same route to go to their offices, schools and other destinations. This means they see the same advertising several times. It helps them to keep your brand memorable for a long time.

Attractive billboard ads influence consumers purchasing decisions.

Billboards are readable in a short time frame, which make possible to people to read them at high speeds and in high traffic areas.