Why You Should Invest in Outdoor Advertising?

The simple answer of this question is that to reach more people with less money and time. You can find this media everywhere which guarantees to reach brands’ information to your potential clients. It targets different types of demographics and makes your brand memorable.

According to the top professionals from outdoor advertising companies in Dubai, commercial mediums have also a wide reach, but people have to take time out from their busy schedule to see ads on these mediums. However, outdoor displays attract people’s attention while they are driving, playing and socialising. When people leave home for reaching to their desired destinations, they come across with different outdoor displays.

In this way, you can find this media everywhere. Brand messages which are presented in creative way become memorable. So, it is important to think out of the box to generate creative and catchy billboard advertisements.

Outdoor advertising has become more competitive as advertisers have adopted various new methods for delivering attractive ads.

Here are some of the important methods that help you to produce revolutionary ads.

Do not tell but show the brands: Get creative with your artworks and images so they catch attention of commuters, bikers, cyclists and pedestrians and reach your brands’ information to them. You may have a great scope to create a lengthy message on banners but people do not have time to read your entire message. They just see boards for 5 to six seconds. That’s why, less words i.e. 6 to 7 words of message is enough for billboards.

Place billboards strategically: Unlike TV, radio and other commercial mediums, billboards are not avoidable. Moreover, people cannot fast forward through an outdoor ad. They are placed strategically so while driving, people do not need to turn their heads to see the boards. They are placed along highways so drivers do not need to stop cars or turn their heads to right or left to view them.

Create memorable message instead of distracting people: In order to make people see your advertisement, do not put any disturbing or provoking images and messages on boards. This not only creates a negative image of your brand but also causes accidents. This is the reason why many countries have denied for advertisers to follow such kind of wrong practice.

The recent study suggests that 65% people take buying decisions while driving. If they see the same ad at many times a day, they are likely to purchase or demand for the same product. You can use lamp post advertising format as in this method the number of posters of the same advertisement are placed in a sequence on the street lamps of the roads. So, while driving a car they see the same ad at many times which makes brand memorable.

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