Do you have to love what you do?
Jason Fried

While I agree that loving what you do isn’t a requirement for success, I can imagine it would make it much easier, especially when things get tough. I might also say it could be something that’d make one a happier person.

I’ve run multiple businesses leading up to my current one and never felt an overflowing sensation of love towards either of them. Yet, I feel I’ve become a serial entrepreneur as a means to an end; the search for that one endeavor which will evoke a great deal of passion in me, becoming the masterwork of my life with the culmination of all my experiences. My search continues, and maybe it’ll continue till the end of my days. Still, it’s a very potent carrot that motivates me to keep moving forward.

And while I wouldn’t claim to be as wildly successful as Basecamp (which our team uses daily) my business allows me to live a good life with a lot of freedom to explore possibilities, even though I don’t feel an overwhelming love for it. I just recognize it’s a need and plough on. Because the carrot is always somewhere out there, and even the possibility of being in motion towards it is enough.

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