Eric Ethridge Releases Debut EP and Further Proves Why We Love Canadian Artists

Country music fans should really send Canada a gigantic fruit basket or something. Our neighbor to the north is home to some of the genre’s best new artists, and we could not be more grateful. One of those artists in particular recently released their debut EP last month, and he is most definitely someone worth putting on your radar.

Sarnia native Eric Ethridge recently made his SiriusXM Highway Debut as an On the Horizon artist with his gut-wrenching ballad about an unobtainable love that your heart can’t seem to let go of. “If You Met Me First” isn’t your average song about heartbreak over not being able to be with the one you want, though. While Ethridge’s tender vocals initially pull us in, it’s his emotionally crippling lyrics that completely shatter us.

Our hearts hurt a little more each time we’re hit with that haunting chorus of, “In a different place and time/maybe in another life/I bet that baby you and I would have worked/we’ll never get the chance to try/and what makes it worse is you would have loved me, if you met me first.” By the time the end of the song approaches, we’re left devastated and our hearts ache for someone we don’t even know. There’s no question that “If You Met Me First” has the potential to be a huge hit for the Canadian country singer.

Filled with romantically driven lyrics that are backed by upbeat tempos and charming melodies, the seven songs Ethridge chose for his first EP have a very charismatic and easygoing energy to them that feel extremely reflective of the gifted singer’s own shining personality. Fans will no doubt be drawn to the anthemic vibes that radiate through tracks like “Girl On Fire” and “California” thanks to their massive sing-along appeal. Meanwhile, other songs like “Makin Me Crazy” and “Liquor’s Callin’ the Shots” will find fans falling in love with the singer’s majorly relatable relationship woes. Later on “Between Me and You” Ethridge takes a page out of Jordan Davis’s playbook as he politely tries to convince the girl he’s with that there’s more happening between them than the guy she’s actually with.

As far as debut projects go, Ethridge’s self-titled EP is song for song a stellar introduction to a new artist who will no doubt be exciting to watch as he breaks onto the mainstream country music scene. His passionate songwriting and enthusiastic delivery, along with a unique sound that feels like Bryan Adams teamed up with Brett Eldridge and Thomas Rhett, set him apart from other new male artists in the genre. If you’re looking for your next country obsession, Eric Ethridge may just be it.