You’ll Do Better in Toledo — Are you sure about that?
Brandon Croke

Thanks for the very well stated article! Over 50 years ago, almost 60 years, I was born in Oregon, Ohio, just outside of Toledo. I lived there until I was about three then I spent my childhood and teen years in Cleveland and a surrounding suburb. I moved back to Toledo and finished my senior year at Morrison R. Waite high school. Eventually I chose to move to the Detroit area. Talk about someone who has seen cities fall and rise!

Downtown Cleveland has made the long journey to be a hot place, but Detroit (I love the D!) has made an even more arduous climb to be a rebounding city. The city has been in severe decline for decades as families and businesses couldnt get to the suburbs fast enough. People were left in what resembled war torn neighborhoods with no fresh food stores and too few jobs in the city. No one had hope for Detroit. We even had to contend with the title of “Murder City” replacing “Motor City”. However, we Detroiters are scrappy. We don’t give up on ourselves or our Lions!

Detroit is on the come back, not just in the downtown area, but across the city. Yes, downtown and midtown are very hot, but change is rippling from downtown to the edges of the city. Housing is renovated or rebuilt, businesses are opening in renovated buildings/factories. Restaurants and entertainment areas constantly expand, adding new fare, keeping it fresh. Young people are moving into the hip areas, but older people are also renovating homes and moving back into the city. The rebirth is changing the attitude of people in the metro area, as well as the attitude of the nation, into a positive image of Detroit.

It can happen, it does happen. It takes many groups of people who want to bring commerce to the city and are willing to live, work, entertain and eat in the city. Lead by example. Toledo can make the change too. Know it is an uphill battle, with some slipping and sliding backwards. Don’t give up on the city. But know you will have to work hard to make positive change happen.

Unfortunately I had to leave the Midwest for health reasons. I’ve been gone for two months and my heart misses Detroit. I look forward to coming back home for a visit and experiencing even more change.

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