Baby Bowman — The Journey to Today

Today September 14, 2017 is your due date. Like your dad you are going to wait till the last possible moment to come. Even a bit late if your not going to get in trouble (please dont get this trait from him, be early like your mom). We wanted to show the journey we have been on to today. Starting back on January 2nd 2017 when we found out you were ours.

January 2nd

Dad woke up early to take your sister Nala for a walk as usual. Once your mom got up she decided she would try to take another test (she had taken 1 each of the last two days so we didn’t think it would happen). Then your mom came out to show me the first test (left, purple) and said she thought she saw a “faint” second line. As your dad always does and told her “that is probably nothing I bet it is on all the tests. Dad asked her to get me a new unopened one so he could show her what he meant….when he opened the new package and saw no faint lines his stomach jumped off a building and he told your mom to go take another test. After about 3 minutes she came running out with the official “Your coming” notice.

The Left is the 1st test, the Right is the confirmation

January 6

We decide we cant wait any longer and go to Patient First to get a blood test which confirms again. We set the first appointment with the doctor for January 25th. We wont make it that long without telling the family so we decide the grandparents need to know now.

Dad didnt do a great job with the hidden camera sorry

January 7

We tell your Grandma RaRa and Grandpa Spence your coming. We had to lie to them to skip the Bowman Chirstmas Party because we knew we couldn’t hide the secret from everyone.

January 8

Dads first attempt at weekly photos. They wont last very long sorry.

January 12

Our first baby gift from your first neighbors Aunt Elaine, Uncle Brent and Cousin Emily (we aren’t related to them but they are family forever).

January 25

Our first appointment and first time meeting you.

We now will call you bean :)

February 25

We meet Doctor Allie and she lets us meet you again. (we love Allie). She will make this whole journey with you so much easier on your mom.

The first time we saw you move.

March 6

The first real sonogram

March 15

Your first snow storm. How your mom and sister felt about it.

March 23

Another listen to your heart beat

March 25

The online announcement that you re coming

April 5

Your mom nailed her costume for school.

April 8

Your first beach trip. Your sister, mom and I love the beach. We hope you do too.

April 27

We know what you are..well the doctor does we will know soon.

April 29

Thanks to your Aunt Crystal and Uncle Dustin (they knew before anyone did ) your mom and dad had a perfect gender reveal party where we found out you were…

Without them this would never have happened

Our Girl to Be :)

May 20

Mom planned your room

May 21

The first of your furniture is built. Your sister is not a fan of all the changes

May 25

Your next checkup

June 7

Your moms work had a beautiful baby shower for her

June 17

Your first flight. To Charleston. Mom and dad love Charleston.

June 22

Another check up

June 27

Your mom surprised me and got your rooms wallpaper finished. Your Pop painted all the walls in your room and put new closet doors in. Your Grandpa’s are both handy men, your dad not so much.

July 3

Your first time to the Outer Banks

July 11

The first time we saw your face. Dad was not prepared for that. He cried.

July 22

Your offical baby shower. Your Aunt Hillary, Aunt Lolo, Grandma Rara and Grandma Lili hosted an impressive shower.

July 27

Check up on you with Doctor Allie

August 12

Your baby room is DONE

August 17

Check up

August 21

Your first Eclipse. Your mom and I plan to take you to see the full totality one in a few years.

September 11

Another check up and picture of your face. We hope the last time we see your face on a screen and instead see you in person :)

September 14 ( your Due Date )

Officially this is when we were hoping to meet you. Your mom really wants you to come out soon. (you’re heavy and make it hard for her to sleep).

So our angel, we will meet you soon. We will hold you, squeeze you, kiss you, pray with you, and love you till the end of time. You are the greatest gift God could ever have given us. This is just the first chapter in our journey.

I hope you are everything like your mother. Her smile, her sense of humor, fashion sense, interior design skills, compassion, drive, love for others, fun nature, love for Christ and most especially her love for me.

I do hope you get my goofiness and technology & business skills (they will help).

We love you baby girl! See you soon

Love Mom, Dad and your big sister

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