Why hurry to buy a Medicare Advantage plan?

Every year from October 15th until December 7th seniors look to make changes to their Medigap coverage. Many rush into a Medicare Advantage plan as they are affordable and often times they get automatically enrolled by their healthcare provider (with written notice).

As an advisor, it’s crucial to inform your clients about the differences between Medicare Supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans.

The name may have “advantage” in it, but is it truly advantageous?

Medicare Supplement plans can be very affordable. They don’t have to cost your clients thousands of dollars a year. Many seniors on fixed incomes look to Medicare Advantage plans because they see the difference in pricing. However, these “advantageous” plans change from year to year. One year your client may be covered and have their physicians and hospital of choice in network, and the following year that can all be taken away from them.

Medicare Supplement plans can never be changed or altered. Unless your client lapses on policy payments, they will never have to worry about being covered for their healthcare costs. That one, simple fact provides peace of mind for countless seniors. If given the choice to pay slightly more for a plan that will never knock them out of network, why wouldn’t they choose that option?

Medicare Supplement plans offer freedom of choice to select any doctor…anywhere.

We believe that Medicare Supplement plans are truly the best coverage for seniors bridging the gap that traditional Medicare doesn’t cover for certain healthcare costs. The plans are stable and the carriers we offer are all A rated.

We welcome your questions and concerns, and can sit down with you and explain in detail the pros and cons of Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage. Allowing you to then inform your client with carefully considered options.

Your clients may only get this one opportunity to make the best choice.

Feel free to contact us today to find out more. We are here to educate, advise and provide the tools you need to guide your clients wisely.