The following tales are modeled after Marie De France’s Lais Lanval, Yonec, Laustic, and Equitan. The first tale Trapped is based off Yonec. It tells a story of a seemingly perfect relationship with a high promise of a fulfilled future. The story quickly takes a left turn into a torturous life lived by a woman who longs to be set free from her abusive and controlling husband. The second tale Nashville is based off Laustic and tells us of yet another controlling and protective husband who needs every bit of his wife’s attention and affection. He wants her devotion every day, all day and fails to give her a single ounce of privacy. She lives a very unhappy life and ultimately never experiences the love that she so deserves. The third tale Joseph is based on Lanval. This is a story of a mystery woman. This woman abruptly and out of nowhere sweeps a man off his feet with love at first sight. He puts all of his trust in this beautiful woman and lives a life of mystery that no one is ever quite certain of. The fourth and final tale Mr. Evans is based off Equitan and tells us of a very successful, hardworking man who believes he has finally reached the top in his career. Little does he know that his boss will swoop in and try to take the most precious gift he has, his wife. The story ends in a very twisted way with a plan that backfires but somewhat works in his favor. All of these tales have one thing in common and that is love. These stories take Marie De France’s fables and bring them into modern day conflicts. These conflicts are likely faced by many people that we come across in our every day lives.