My inbox hustle ✊📫

While cleaning some notifications on my iPhone I noticed that some are quiet old. Same happened with my email inbox a bit later this week.

Quiet often I thought…

“It doesn’t make much sense to clean notifications from months ago. Why even displaying them?”

An inbox (email, chats or iOS notifications) is basically a bucket full of notifications. Small pieces of info that was hopefully important on the day you‘ve received it.

Unfortunately, every notification gets less and less important every day.

Most inboxes only get fuller and fuller over time or until we start fighting those red bubbles and bouncing icons.

Every day I’m hustlin’
- Rick Ross

The longer we stay away from one inbox the worse it gets to dig through all the outdated stuff.

I think it would be cool if every notification would be valuable in the moment I read it.

Let’s think a bit more Snapchat and Instagram Stories for notifications.

Or let’s where your inbox shows only what’s going on this week ✊🏽