I like to think I am on the pulse of everything, but clearly I am not. My friend told me about this site two weeks ago and I’ve been kicking myself for not finding about it sooner. Apparently it has been in existence since 2012?

Since I’m a huge believer in synchronicity, it is probably best that I didn’t know about it until now anyway. Although I’ve had my blog for quite some time, I’ve only recently been more inspired to write more.

I had my epiphany last year when I was acting as a Director of Marketing for a start-up like company and realized that the thing I liked best about my job were the writing aspects of it — crafting the stories, writing the press releases, differentiating the brand, and creating an authentic voice.

Writing has always been my thing, but it takes courage to embrace it full-on. It is fearless to be creative, and I can be reluctant because writing exposes you in such a raw, naked way. But I pray to be brave because there is nothing as beautiful as the written word.

I am looking forward to reading your perspectives and hope it inspires me to articulate mine. Thank you.