‘Activism’ and ‘Rioting’ have different connotations — and why that’s racist.

How many times have we — the queer and/or person of color community — heard right-wing fiscal demagogue white guys tell us that riots are bad? How many times? Well, my fellow non-binary legionnaires — I will explain why they’re good.

Man, that Mark Shouldice is ra — cist! Just look at his name! He’s appropriating queer and/or person of color culture! Soul is a New Orleans thing! To quote the GREATEST president for the queer and/or person of color community ever… “You didn’t build that.” Ahhh. Barrack Osama. Merely his name fills me with joy. His wife’s name also releases queer and/or person of color endorphins in my soul. Ahhh…Michael Osama.

Anyway, back to activism. Riots are, like, good. Sometimes some nazis get punched(i.e. straight white guys, amiright?), but…it’s, like, for the best. After all, the Purge done by Nazis. Adolf Himmler killed like, eleven trillion people of the queer and/or person of color community, and(guess what, white guys?), that’s problematic. Like black jeopardy. Why isn’t regular jeopardy white jeopardy, hm, SNL? Cough, cough racism cough cough.

Riots and activism cleanse the streets of filth. All that remains after is the queer and/or person of color community, and their LGBTQAA+/cis heteronormative allies. And that’s good.

Because Trump is racist, and white people need to be upbraided. Gently, but firmly, we will drive the spike of social justice through their backs. Hope and change.


Kim Ginbleford, Queer transracial social activist leftism advocate, anti anti-feminist writer writer, and semi-male identifying Democratic nominee 2020.

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