Creating female protagonist characteristics…

Just a quick treatise on the matter.

What most(women) don’t want in their main females is empty-headedness, uselessness(though ditzy or clutsy is a must, for them), petty, pretty, or gentle spoken.

Instead, they need to be independent, bold, clever, sharp-witted, passionate…so basically Ben Shapiro with ovaries.

What about an interest in current affairs? A mundane love of crossword puzzles? What about making post-rock ballads? Gardening? Owning snakes, or being a bioengineer who creates hybrid mouse-rat hybrids(or references P&R)? A hobby, not a characteristic.

What are some Katniss Everdeen’s character traits? Passionate, bold, rebellious, caring…

Hobbies? Um…archery. Messing with cats with lasers. Nada.

See? Hobbies, not bland feminist ideals.