Analytics Engineer

The Product Science team is looking for our next Analytics Engineer, responsible for building our analytics system and data products. What others might call a growth team, analytics team, or data team, we call Product Science — emphasis on product. We believe that understanding and applying our data is one of the ways we can make Medium better for our users.

Building our analytics system

The goal of our analytics system is to make all of the data we have accessible and usable. Analytics data is used for everything from testing product hypotheses to debugging new API’s, so it’s critical that it’s reliable and flexible.

Analytics Engineers build systems to collect, store, & process our data sets, ensuring the right data are available in the right places at the right times. We champion data quality, ensuring its completeness & correctness.

You are passionate about data, both making it available and using it effectively. You feel deep ownership over the usefulness and accuracy of the tools we build. We don’t filter for technology keywords. Instead, you should love solving problems creatively and be familiar with different analytics tools and methods — SQL, MapReduce, ETL, etc.

Data Products

Building tools to collect data isn’t enough, you should also be passionate about using data to improve the product.

Analytics Engineers work closely with our Product Scientists, turning insights into data products like the Search and Explore backend, and tag suggestions.

If you’ve built significant data products in the past and welcome the opportunity to help Medium level up the data and monetization products we ship to our users, we want to hear from you.