How Dylan Stole The Nobel Prize And You Can Too
James Altucher

FREEDOM. To realize personal freedom is the most selfless way to live. Everything else is ego. To think you know what others wants.

I valued personal freedom and was told that I was childish. “That’s an egotistical way to live! As a grown-up man you have to take responsibility and think about what others want. “

The thing is, I do care about what other people want. I think about other people most my waking hours, I even think about the things people I’ve never met think about me when they finally see me. Or hear about me. Or read what I write.

And I really wish for all people to be happy and all wars to stop (my parents were refugess).

And yet, I couldn’t help feeling bad about me striving for personal freedom. It felt like the most ego-driven thing to have on your mind.

To do what I wanted to do felt like a betrayal against the people that care about me.

Thanks for giving me a new perspective.

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