The Slo-Mo Coup D’état of the GOP

Ever since I first heard of Rove’s “Permanent Conservative Majority,” I couldn’t beleive they had the audacity to announce it —( although I never did see a copy). A plan to essentially take over the leadership of the free world and put it under their permantnent rule and no one out there in media world, from the high-brow press like the Times and the Post — news organizations that need no city in their name — to the less credible online news groups just short of blogs and still little attention or concern is given this publicly boasted plan to take over the USA. Perhaps many simply agree with the GOP but to boast about plans to take over this nation and see the elections from Bush to Trump, both losers big time yet put in office thanks to Gerrymandering, racism, bigotry and simple arrogance over poverty and I have difficulty sleeping, much difficulty. I have children.

It doesn’t matter what pary affiliation I am or anything else you might want to ask. Once one party gets full and permanent power, the democracy is no more. That is why our nation is established with a “balance” of power and the good old checks and balances system. But if one party worked it right, held office and full majorities, they could re-write the laws of this nation that we might never be free again.

We will be facing this one party rule, House, Senate and Presidency, a full majority of the GOP. Will we emerge or begin a period of showy elections that confimrs the GOP rule every few years? The quiet tyranny.

Everywhere I look, I see signs of this permanent GOP majority planting its roots deeper and deeper. The unfortunate part is I see little to none opposition to this other than the typical campaigning, and there it seems the representatives going against this slo-mo coup have no balls to fight for themselves or their office.

The GOP knew beyond doubt the Russians were helping them get elected and they told the nation nothing, until after. The same party that shut down the goverment ad the supreme court, taking the right to appoint SCOTUS away with no law and declarsing that no Democratic Presient will get an appointment. That is not democracy that is tyranny, bold and open and no one seems to mind, if their winning. The losers? Why do they not speak louder?

Recently, In North Carolina, the Democratic candiate was elected Govonor. The GOP majority state house immediatly put together a bill to limit the governor’s power. Unfortunatly, the signs are everywhere. The GOP is going far beyond politics here, it is literally a slo-mo coup. And by the time we realize it, like the boiling frog in the cool water that rises one degree at at time, it will be too late when we find ourselve in boiling water we can’t escape from.

The GOP has knee-capped our President, an in-experienced, pure-of-heart good guy but like a lamb amongst wolves, he feels the weight of history too much on his soul rather than the current burden upon his shoulders. He should have taken the reigns of this nation under attack at the time of the election and beeen a strong Presidential leader — maybe postponing the election until it could be clarified why the Russians have interfered, to what extent and most importantly before we possibly confirm a Manchurian Candidate (make that Moscow Candidate).

They hacked computers and more to effect our election process in a certain way. That candidate called out publicly for them to help him. They did, and more. 
Do we really just ignore what they did and confirm the Russian candidate?

Already, questionaires have gone out seeking persons that would oppose Trump’s views of climate science, but why? When Bush took office he simply replaced any non-Republican registered civil servants he could find. Thousands were “vetted” from civil service that way. Now Trump is taking it further. The only other place in the world that works like this is Russia. Hmmmm.
How is all this connected to the permanent conservative majority? Do I really need to ask?

What I should ask is what can we do as a people? Not much other than demand a recall. I don’tknow what the law is but what if the people simply had a vote of lost faith? We recall Governors, why not Presidents?