Which Tech Should You Learn Now?
Eric Elliott

There is a problem with companies that choices your employees with knowledge just frameworks. Javascript developers need to know about JavaScript and not about a framework. This happened with WordPress world too. Nowadays, companies are searching “WordPress Full Stack” (oO), and not PHP developers. Why? Who knows!!

Few monthly ago, I listened this dialogue in a interview:
-Do you know Angular?
- No, I do not. But I know javascript, do not you think?

The guy answers my question with this message:
- So, you need to learn a framework. You can choose Angular, EmberJS etc.. because you need know that. The company is searching to developer with knowledge in some framework.

My answer for him:
- Really? I do not believe that, but if you company thinks to that, ok! Thank you so much, bye!

I learned these day that problem is not only developers, but the companies either has the fault.

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