Journey to Debt Free

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Do you ever feel insecure and anxious about your financial? We all seem to be getting more adaptable to the debt we have right now. It is also seem to be perfectly normal if we have debt. E.g, credit card debt, student loan, car loan, house loan.

I am a big fan of the credit card idea especially the 0% installment features. It’s end up that I am spending the money more than the amount I bring to home.

After several months using my first ever credit card, I “collected” 4,000 credit card debt. I realized the interest rate was very high and I need to pay it off, else I would end up paying more than what I owe. Thus, I made one mistake by borrow money from my family to pay off my credit card. Remember, it is always a bad idea for borrow money to return money especially when you do not have self-discipline in your personal finance.

Well, you guess it right. Though I pay it off this time, but I owe another 3,000 more credit card debt on my next purchase. When the “debt mud” crept up my belly, I realized I was in danger, financially danger. With the intention of going debt free, I came across Dave Ramsey book, Total Money Makeover.

So I kick start my total money makeover journey by saving emergency fund, outline a budget plan for each month and set a 7 months timeline to clear my credit card and the personal debt borrowed from my family.

Do you know that there are average 55 person being declared bankrupt everyday in Malaysia?

I always think it’s perfectly fine with debt in life until I start my Total Money Makeover. Debt free can definitely provide you more freedom and less stress. Just one simple idea, ‘you’ can change your life, change your world.

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You can get a free sample of Dave Ramsey, Total Money Makeover from Google Play Books. You can have a preview of 4 chapter. If you found value from this book, it’s your choice to buy it.