The Experiential Buffet

Summer of 2017: The Ultimate Buffet of Exhilarating & Uplifting Experiences using a Wheelchair

Part 1

Hiking at the Pacific Spirit Regional Park near UBC in a Trailrider

What is a Trailrider?

Affectionately described as “a cross between a wheelbarrow and a rickshaw,” the TrailRider is actually a precision-made vehicle, engineered to the highest specifications.

Its versatility and reliability are established elsewhere on this site, but the TrailRider design also allows folding, so that it can be transported in a hatchback, SUV or minivan.

The TrailRider weighs 23 kg, and folds down to a size of 172 cm x 82 cm x 61 cm.

The TrailRider can accommodate people of all sizes — a special seat insert adds comfort and safety for Riders under 5 ft (150cm) and/or 90 lbs (40kg).

A Novel Way of Making The Beautiful Accessible

It was a special experience; it was humbling to have a group of volunteers dedicate their time to help me get out into nature. Everybody was so friendly and helpful and I was treated with such dignity and respect. I felt safe and cared for the entire time

How the TrailRider was born?

In the mid-1980s, Sam Sullivan determined that he wanted to once again do the things that he had loved before becoming tetraplegic in a 1979 skiing accident. One of those loves was hiking and being in the wilderness.

Pushing back boundaries

To the people that use the TrailRider, its most important attribute is its versatility. It has been engineered to take a vast range of people over a vast range of land. Children and adults can access terrain ranging from manicured city parks to trails that challenge the world’s foremost adventurers.

Unfortunately, today’s society still holds some outdated ideas about what people with disabilities should and should not do. It is time to challenge yourself and prove all assumptions wrong

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