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Even if I say I feel your pain, I’ll be wrong. I can’t really feel what you feel right now. But I can understand. I understand because I have been at both ends of this conversation, and because only last week, I thought I was done searching for a life partner. Then my world crashed. So, I understand.

Remember that you are responsible for your thoughts and your mindset. Guide your mind with all you have. Guard your thoughts jealously. Do not let self-doubt settle. Remember that you live once. And that you have this one life to be as happy as you can.

So, make your choices. Live. Laugh. Love. Take a chance. Be you. There is no human like you- your DNA is unique. Speak your truth, quietly, but clearly. BE the best version of you. Strive everyday to master yourself.

And above all, remember to be the instrument of the creator. To me, that is the ultimate goal on earth: to allow ourselves to be used the create magnificent works of art or science.

Rest and prepare. Time waits for no one. You’ll be fine Maggie. You’re in charge.

Be you.

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