What if you loved someone when you were insecure.
Awanto Margaret

I cannot decide that choice for you. Or for anyone. Change is constant. The choices we make all have consequences. We cannot ignore how much we learn, grow and adapt. Nor how different we become.

When I make a choice to love someone, it would be for reasons that may make sense at the time, and that could change later. It could also be for reasons that I may not be able explain.

I don’t believe love is compromise. I believe it is knowledge. I believe it is respect. And it is beautiful.

But recently, I have been thinking. Maybe love is learned. Maybe we find our own way to love. We show love in our own unique diverse way.

I actually have no proof of what I think/believe about the sacrifices one must make, but like a friend said: Love is not impatient, but it is urgent.

It okay to feel hurt. Or guilty. Or even heartless. It’s normal. You’re human. You have feelings.

But because you are human, you should not let yourself wallow in this pit of despair for so long. You are young. And you are alive.

You, are in charge of your future. You, and your ability to find our why you were sent on this earth. Seek why you’re here, and the rest shall find you.

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