How Hyundai Successfully Sold Ugly Cars To Millions During Recession.

This morning I’ve read a Quora thread titled Why do people buy Hyundai cars when they are so ugly?, and one answer stood out.

Instead of focusing on looks or specs, like 0–60 time, Hyundai focused on benefits, that are totally separate from the car looks, performance, or status.

They focused on things that are important to humans:

  1. Amazing warranty plan (10 year, 100,000 mile powertrain warranty), which adds peace of mind, even to former owners of luxury cars, which typically offer 4 year warranty that doesn’t cover everything
  2. Great roadside assistance warranty, which basically saves people hundreds of dollars on CAA or AAA membership
  3. But lastly, they introduced Hyundai Assurance, which was a program allowing owners to give the car back in case of losing a job. Knowing your customer base, and focusing on the peace of mind, knowing you won’t get stuck with auto payments, won customers over:
After announcing this, Hyundai’s sales rose 14% while the entire U.S. auto market fell by 37%.

In this sense, Hyundai is closer to Apple, which doesn’t focus on technologies, but instead focuses on ease of use, human benefits, and familiarity.

When you are in doubt on how to market your product, focus on benefits and peace of mind of your customers, instead of pure specs and numbers.