The Law of Expanding Markets: One Simple Reason On Why Apple Watch Will Dominate The Market

As was watching Apple’s presentation and release of the new Apple Watch Series 3, a thought came to my head, that maybe that’s about time I should upgrade my Apple Watch, the original one—even before they started calling that generation “Series 1”.

The kicker is, I don’t even wear Apple Watch anymore — I wear G-shock as my daily driver. The key to understanding increasing marketshare of Apple Watch is a realization that as people are first introduced to an Apple Watch — either as a gift (who haven’t thought of that as a perferct gift for a mom or a girlfriend or boyfriend), or as a curiosity item, they eventually sucked into this regular upgrade cycle, be it a 1-year period or a 2-year period.

When the new Apple Watch series is released, all those old watches are going to be handed down to brothers and sisters or donated or sold, and new ones will be purchased. This ever expanding market is slowly helping Apple convert the masses into Apple Watch wearing people.

And so, as the next year rolls around, the Apple Watch is likely sell more SKUs than ever before, and by design, convert even more unsuspected people into an Apple Watch wearers.

Evgeny Tchebotarev is a founder of 12-million-photographers-strong community 500px, backed by Andreessen Horowitz; and currently helps other companies unlock 10x potential. He is usually based in Taipei, Taiwan.

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