To save local news publications, readers in local communities will need to show renewed interest and willingness to pay for a newspaper subscription. This seems highly unlikely given that most newspapers still treat subscriptions like they did a decade ago.

By that I mean they have more in common with lawn care businesses than modern media businesses — billing people weekly rather than monthly. Grass typically grows enough after a week that this makes sense for a lawn care business to charge a person every seven days. By contrast, news is highly abundant and clearly doesn’t require payment for anyone…

Today is my last official day at the Daily Dot (aka Daily Dot Media), an Internet culture-focused digital publication I joined up with four months ago.

During my time there, I was invited to tell the Dot’s story from the inside out — which is the opposite approach to how I did things during the four years I spent covering media startups at VentureBeat. In addition to my short time editing the company’s blog, I also had a chance to sound off as a media consultant. It was a wonderful experience, and founder/Editor-In-Chief Nicholas White should be commended for taking…

Entering journalism school in the early 2000's was a very confusing time. The Internet had finally gained enough momentum to shift the way we were communicating, and it was impossible to go a day without having some news dinosaur or university counselor audibly advise against going down this career path. It was always “newspapers are dying” or “hard to make money as a journalist.”

Even though I started my career in journalism at the ripe age of 15, having already decided that would be the only job I could ever really give myself over to, there were times midway through…

Tom Cheredar


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