The newspaper extinction of the past few years primarily affected numerous local newsrooms and organisations. There are already many regions in the USA without their own regional newspaper. A trend that threatens to continue in Europe. But new ideas, ventures and also the existing market participants are now doing a lot to counter the negative trend: between nonprofit journalism, small newsrooms, membership models and regional digital-only startups, a lot is happening in the area of ​​local news. Probably just a start with more to come. And we think that’s a good thing!

Today, news are primarily consumed on the go…

Today there is almost no media company, no blogger and no communication department that does not use different newsletters every day and publishes them regularly themselves. Email newsletters are a simple and efficient way to communicate content directly and are very popular. So we thought: why don’t we build an integration to import any content from any email newsletter?!

After all, there is a lot of exciting, sometimes exclusive, content distributed in newsletters today. This is often lost in the general confusion of your own email inbox. …

With the comment function, you can allow users to leave feedback on selected or simply all content and thus enter into a lively discussion with each other. As with Facebook, Instagram & Co, the comments are easily accessible directly from the news feed or the respective content card. The operation is immediately understandable and the acceptance of this offer is high.

A variety of use cases can be implemented from the combination of curated, own or third-party content and this comment function. In the following we want to explain some examples.

Comments on selected content

For various reasons, it can…

All new things are often unfamiliar at first, but don’t worry: tchop makes it easy. You will quickly find the best approach and content structure that suits your requirements and target group. In the following, we would like to summarize the most important information for editing, publishing and administration. It should give you an idea of ​​what is possible. And how easy it is.

With few simple features you can turn tchop into a content curation powerhouse for your own mobile audience — without the need of additional editorial resources and without spending a lot of time!

If something seems…

Content in tchop can not only be managed and published through the browser based dashboard — it is easy to do in the mobile world, too. Just like you and your users know it from many established apps. With that the curating and producing content becomes a piece of cake for every smartphone user — regardless of where they are. Of course these possibilities are only available to users with the appropriate permissions, making sure you are always in control of which content by which user may be published and where. Meaning: The user needs to be either administrator of…

There is an undeniable trend of users in the digital world to mingle, exchange views and get informed in closed communities. Even Mark Zuckerberg speaks of the end of the classic Facebook newsfeeds and the fact that the future of his platform will be closed groups.

As a mobile communications platform tchop links communication experts and editors as well as creators and makers with their target groups and users on their most important terminal equipment: the smartphone! Existing online services, communities and content can be extended to mobile in an efficient way, without complicated IT integration and longish start-up costs. kombiniert Editorial Media mit Social Media Funktionalitäten — in einer App im eigenen Look & Feel

Unmittelbar nach dem Steve Jobs 2010 das iPad stellte, begannen viele Verlage mit voller Energie in Apps, innovative Ideen und neue Technologien zu investieren. Die Hoffnungen waren gross. Es war “Peak News App”. Mit meiner Agentur clapp haben wir damals zu den ersten Dienstleistern mit Fokus auf Verlage und Medien gehört. In den letzten zehn Jahren durften wir dutzende Premium-News-Apps, mobile Websites oder Newsportale für große Verlage und Medienhäuser entwickeln. Und ich denke man kann behaupten, dass wir die diversen Trends im Mobile Publishing fast alle mit erleben durften.

Nach der Tablet-Ernüchterung war die große Party schnell wieder vorbei und… lets you combine content and news with a real time chat — in your own branded native app!

tchop™ is a thin, smart layer that lets curate all your digital content in one spot. And combine it with the real time conversation you need — with your employees, clients, members, stakeholders or subscribers. As an end-to-end solution we provide you with everything needed.

Our philosophy is simple:

  1. We don’t want to be a social intranet that solves all your internal communication challenges and ends up bloated and complex. We want to make it simple, give you full control and integrate easily with systems and sources you already have.
  2. Our mobile first approach includes a premium user experience as…

After Steve Jobs presented the iPad 2010, publishers started investing heavily into apps, innovative ideas and new technology. It was “Peak News App”. With my agency clapp we have developed numerous premium news apps, mobile websites or news portals for major publishers over the last ten years. So it´s fair to say that I deal with mobile publishing products since the early days.

After some years the party was over and most ambitious projects were killed (or at least scaled down heavily). Many publishers focussed on investments in web based products and services again treating their existing apps either as…

We work continuously on the improvement of existing functionalities and features as well as on the introduction of new integrations, which make our platform more exciting and interesting for the users and more efficient and successful for editors and clients.

The further development of our platform always happens in close coordination with our customers and their requirements. We are therefore happy to share some considerations regarding our upcoming product development. Of course, timings can always change for different reasons. Nevertheless, this list is a good point of reference. …


A mobile communication hub for your employees, readers, member or customers! Combine content and chat in your own branded app!

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