Remote Usability Tools

For the first three weeks of this course, we are focusing on remote usability. This week, the objective was to learn more about the differences between moderated and unmoderated research tools and techniques for remote testing.

The service we are using for this course and assignment is called Validately. I’ve actually found it very interesting to compare a different tool for remote usability testing as I am typically used to using at my current job. So far I think Validately is great, and actually much more user friendly as far as UX and UI than

Though I haven’t launched and analyzed the results of my study yet, (more to come on this next week) the process of putting together the tasks and testing out the link has been very easy. The only difference from that I have found so far outside of the UI friendliness is that they don’t offer built in screeners the way does. This feature is always nice to have when screening out participants right in the tool.

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