Strategies for gathering user feedback and opinions

At Reclame AQUI we have products with very different audience sizes. We have always talked to these users to understand their preferences and opinions, but now we are talking even more. Besides using tools to monitor behavior, like Hotjar, we also try to listen to them in more active ways.

Here is how we have been reaching them:

Reclame AQUI

Product objective: allow consumers to complain about problems with all sorts of companies and businesses. This product is free.
Type of users: very diverse. Basically anyone who had a problem with a purchase, product or service.
Monthly accesses: millions

  • Polls: It’s not so difficult to collect opinions and preferences from Reclame AQUI users, since there is always a hundreds of people accessing the website every few minutes.
    We usually are able to validate hypotheses and gather information from about 2000 subjects with quick polls, that last 1 or 2 hours. In our polls we always try to:
    → offer ways out of the poll for those who don’t know or don’t care about what we are asking. Though it’s important to measure how many people don’t know or use something, they don’t need to go through all the questions you intend to ask everybody else.
    → use open answer fields to collect a diversity of keywords and general ideas.
    → ‎instead of writing "yes" or "no", we prepare options like "yes, I like chocolate" and "no, I prefer peanut butter". That way, you add some clues to the answers about what is being asked. Good to help distracted users.
  • Email surveys: We send surveys through emails sometimes, but not very often. That is because we try to avoid stressing our base of clients with this kind of message, and also because we usually get more answers in a much shorter interval with polls.
    An interesting benefit of using surveys is that you have more types of question formats available than in a poll (specially if your poll is in that tiny pop up in the lower area of the browser).
  • Customer service: Since we work as a bridge between customers and companies relationship teams, it’s only natural that our own support team is very important to us. 
    They often identify and share which parts of the product may need some adjustments, based on user comments and inquiries.


Product objective: be the best tool to allow support and customer relationship teams to monitor and talk to their customers. This is a paid product.
Type of users: support agents and managers
Monthly accesses: dozens of thousands

  • Polls: Like with Reclame AQUI, polls are also the most efficient way to reach HugMe users. We just try to use them with bigger intervals of time because, differently from Reclame’s audience that visits the site once in a while, HugMe users are accessing the platform on a daily basis.
  • Surveys: We may send surveys via email to avoid distracting users while they are working on the platform. We also feel HugMe users are less bothered by survey emails because they are more involved with product improvement, and may be glad if they can help speed up product improvement and development.


Product objective: allow users to solve more serious problems with companies and other people through mediation, without the need to use the traditional Justice.
Type of users: Generally, they are people seeking an alternative to traditional Justice. Age varies, but they are usually located on urban centers.
Monthly accesses: hundreds

  • Polls: The same practices we use at Reclame Aqui we also try to apply to Leegol polls. What makes this method not so efficient for this product is the lower volume of visitors we receive everyday.
    Because of that, we have tried to reach customers in a more personal way.
  • Surveys: So far, this has been the most efficient way for us to collect feedback. Since the product website is not receiving a big amount of visitors yet, we found it’s easier to gather qualitative information sending personalized emails to those who already bought a mediation on Leegol.

A special thanks to Vitor, who often guides and helps us with tips (many of which are listed here) and all the guys at Reclame AQUI, who are always running surveys and polls (Monique, João, Lucas and Vanessa).

And what are the strategies and techniques you use to collect user feedback on your products? Please, share on the comments! :D