Genesis Birthing Services

Ten little fingers…ten little toes…stole your heart at first sight.

The midwives at Genesis Birthing Services in Smithville understand that not every woman is the same, that every child is different and every birth story is unique. We offer highly personalized birthing services in the comfort of your home or in our state-of-the-art birthing center. Giving birth is one of the most powerful and intimate experiences of your life. Our midwives help you prepare for and welcome your bundle of joy into the world as safely as possible.

A Truly Personalized Birthing Experience

Whether you’re interested in using a birthing ball or having a water birth, the goal to provide the most comfortable and safe experience possible. Since we limit the number of patients we accept each month, we get to know our moms-to-be on a personal level, visits are never rushed through and we take the time to discuss all your concerns. We never double book and you’re never left waiting hours after your appointment begins. Our focus is on creating a safe birthing environment, with a focus on the family and the comfort, privacy, and safety of mom and baby.

Imagine Your Home Birth

Surrounded in the comfort of your own space with your birthing team by your side, supporting your needs and without the bright lights, beeping monitors, random doctors, nurses and technicians running in and out of a hospital room. Labor is a time of high stress and anxiety for many women, but being at home with your prepared support system, will lower your anxiety and blood pressure. You’re able to move around, find the most comfortable positions for you during labor. Being able to walk around and not be required to labor flat on your back can help speed the delivery process. You can even labor in the tub or special birthing pool, it’s your choice. This is your labor and delivery process.

Your Team

Your birthing team is one certified nurse midwife and two assistants- usually midwives in training. Your team is with you through prenatal care, birth, and post-partum checkup. During the birthing process, your team has one baby and one woman to focus on. We aren’t monitoring several laboring moms at once. We’re here for you.

Is Midwifery Safe?

There’s no reason a safely progressing healthy pregnancy needs medical interventions. In the event extra medical attention is required, we have relationships with the areas leading OB/GYNs and admitting privileges at the local hospitals. Your holistic care is our top priority.

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