“Once upon a time” in ballet is timeless. Toys spring to life, fairies romp through the woods and swans float gracefully.

Does your 3–6-year-old dream of being a princess? Here at Dance Classes, we have the perfect outlet for your little tiara-wearing twirler. Our Fairy Tale Ballet classes are just what the Fairy Godmother ordered.

These classes are filled with dancing, fairy tale stories, costumes, props, creativity, and enchantment. During the first half of class, children learn basic ballet concepts and steps, terminology, and creative expression. The second-half of the lesson includes a brief story time in which children listen to parts of a classic fairy tale, dress in colorful and creative costumes which have been designed to go along with the story, and learn choreography to re-enact sections of the story to delightful music.

Your child’s imagination will ignite while they experience the magic and wonder of ballet while learning proper dance techniques in a fun, no stress environment. Learning is best achieved when the body and mind are completely engaged.

In a fun and innovative class our instructors bring the stories to life. Students learn how stories can be expressed through movement. Our Fairy Tale Ballet class is a unique and engaging way for your little dancer to develop an understanding and appreciation for ballet.

From plies to sprinkling fairy dust, our Fairy Tale Ballet classes are full of whimsical delight and the perfect place for your child to begin her fairy tale adventures in dance.

Here at Dance Classes in City, state, we offer a variety of classes to fit the needs and interests of your dancer or performer. Contact us today with any questions. Our goal is to instill in each student a life-long love of the arts.

And they lived happily ever after.