On the scale of scams, this is pretty small, but it does reveal more clearly something most of us…
Clifford Goudey

I’m loath to bite the political carrot here, but I feel as if you’re pressing on two points that are unrelated. This is a business scam that we can all agree is pretty flipping sleazy of Trump just on a human level, let alone ethics and honesty. More on this part later.

Clinton however, is a politician through and through. I’m sure you’ve heard of the report that during Bush’s era, there were thirteen attacks on embassies (source: http://goo.gl/UWE6F)l. While I don’t claim to have perfect recall, I can say that the media attention to these attacks were minimal at best, most likely overshadowed by the Iraqi/Afghan war. Could it be suggested that while Clinton might have handled the attack in Benghazi better, that this was blown completely out of proportion? American life lost is a tragedy in any situation to be sure, but to act as if this was the only major attack on a US embassy in sometime is a gross overstatement at best, a media coverup at worst.

As for her other policies, we can just as easily counter your questions with our alternatives in Sanders. Why did he offer an economic plan as supported by experts, only to find out that it was his expert that supported it? I mean, my mom likes me, but I’m sure not going to use her as a reference for how awesome I am on a job application. Sanders has almost unfeasible economic policies (such as free college education) that are only an opposite of Trump, not an improvement. These two have something to do with one another, so different in their policies I’d be good with Clinton and Sanders being the two candidates and duking it out in November…but that’s a wonderful thought experiment for a later time.

So while I get that Trump is a candidate (and therefore related to Clinton and Sanders)…at least we can safely say that they in fact HAVE policies that can be defensible. Trump defrauding the American public should be a surprise to nobody, and yet for some unfathomable reason he’s now the frontrunner for the Republican party nomination. Clinton messed up in Benghazi, but far, FAR less times than Bush did in 8 years. Sure, her political stances can be attacked from many directions. But she’s an actual politician. There are very few, if any, politicians with a lack of political scandal. Even Elizabeth Warren who’s been boxing with Trump lately has a skeleton in her closet, even if Trump alludes to it in the most offensive way possible…

Clinton’s actions in Benghazi have nothing to do with the fact that Trump willingly defrauded many Americans. Just because he did this doesn’t make Clinton any better or worse of a candidate.

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