Hi….My name is Mehmet Aydalga. I am owner of ‘’BurhaniyeEfeEmlakInsaat’’ Real Estate and Investing Developer Agency.

BURHANIYE EFE PROPERTY sense of professional domestic real estate consultancy and marketing was established in 1982 Corporate

PROPERTY BURHANIYE EFE since the establishment of high quality and reliable service aims to keep always in the foreground.

Besides being real estate broker, opening new offices and creating common work points are among the company’s main goals.

According to the development of the sector “ BURHANIYE EFE PROPERTY ‘te right place for investment “it serves to be beneficial to all customers with the slogan.

BURHANIYE EFE sale of real estate sector in development and are working for a prestigious profession and sector work to become the knowledge and experience it has gained share with its partners.

BURHANIYE EFE PROPERTY Our goal as one of the modern working system and we need to adapt to economic policy as well as the age of the country in size to an advanced level as key representatives of the Real Estate Sector.

This service while ACCURACY, honesty and trustworthiness is our fundamental principles.

Through consultancy

The distribution of customer business representatives and assistants
Regional work
Evaluation of supply and demand in terms of client portfolio
Made available to ensure that the marketing of real estate
Preparation of written and visual marketing proposal
Sales and marketing

Consulting scope

Mortgage, servitude, allotment and unification, exchange
Type of assignment
Grant (forgiveness)
Division (sharing)
Correction (correction)
The Application
Removing the region and the municipal zoning plan map
Land Registry and Cadastre
GMS is the (real estate rental income)
Real Estate and garbage taxes

Our experience with expertise in tax matters within the scope of a special service package we offer to our customers.

Especially for our work sites, it is among our different services.

Site management

Preparing the General Assembly
Creating a management team, etc.

VISION: To be honest, ethical, and to provide service with quality service.

MISSION: the adoption and application of the Real Estate sector in our country and the world of the importance of this sector and to be represented by expert staff trained and disposal of those who obtained an unfair advantage as a result of this

Real estate

Since the beginning, knew that, if ‘’BurhaniyeEfeEmlakInsaat’’ be successful if more than just a good real estate for sale We should do. Way to sell real estate, real estate agents and real estate customers We should also renew their experiences. And we did it … Business partners Two things gave us the power we have realized this dream:Experience and Our determination…

1982 established in the name of our company, Real estate marketing experience with our online system We had one goal when combining. That everyone in the internet age can do to put a new business approach.

The first step in developing our idea of our system, EgeUniversity, 9 Eylul and GaziUniversity origin of our partners that are working. A web site and the computer program of these steps today, we started with us in the sector of the first and only one converted to the company.

Training, customer and sales support from the internet that offer real estate franchise system, with representative offices costs and establish their own businesses to escape given the chance. Most importantly representatives working conditions at age abreast of the changing The easiest way to provide a minimum cost and are now found. So saving time and money of doing, we are on the right track is a proof. Already ‘’BurhaniyeEfeEmlakInsaat’’ Our mission as always the real estate buying-selling process is to make efficient and economical.

All these studies as well as our future generations are going to create a legacy we will leave. Our heritage is founded on three basic are: “Customer satisfaction, innovation and trust.”

In the Internet age, work by changing the way you can and deserves success.
With online real estate Get your changing the world. You’ll be proud to tell the system ‘’BurhaniyeEfeEmlakInsaat’’ our seminars.