Honda Civic Advertisement

The type of media I desired to reflect upon was the new Honda Civic advertisement. I think Honda was trying to go for a mix of Pavlovian and jungian style in their ad. Even though it is a little weird to have a mans head half open with a car sticking up on a suspension part it is pleasing to the eye(Pavlov) and it tells a story on how the car was envisioned in the mind of a Honda designer(Jung). I feel like Honda did a good job with their advertisement because it really grabs your attention and just makes you think “wow that’s something I didn’t see that would come from your basic everyday car company”. Their are many aspects that make this advertisement unique.

One for example is the arrangement of the Honda designer. Honda wanted to make you focus on the car and the suspension part and didn’t want you to be distracted by the mans face. I think this was a good move because their would be no benefit of the mans face and if anything there would just be too much going on in the ad. They also put the Honda logo in the low right corner where it should be.

Another thing Honda did was use cool colors like blue. Honda wants to let you know that everything is going to be just fine because a super smart designer with glasses has done the best they could to bring you the next car of the century.

Honda also didn’t bombard the reader with too much text. They wanted to just tell you the bottom line of what the car was all about. The Civic was all about being a brand new car because it came from their imagination and nothing like the old one.

Honda was trying to target middle age male or females that previously thought the Civic was like any other car. They want to let you know that everything has changed and in doing so they hope it peaks your interest so you go home and start to research the car. This advertisement is important because it try’s to trick people into thinking the car is all new because it is coming out of the head of some “smart guy”. What the real smart people would do would be to process the advertisement and say yes that car looks different from previous models but should be skeptical at the same time. Later they should compare and contrast the old with the new before making any rash decisions.

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