I woke up to the sound of my dad telling me that it’s time to get up and that the taxi was going to be here soon. I tried to focus my blurry vision on the clock and it read 4:30 Am. I was mad about waking up so early and happy at the same time that today I will be going to Alaska today or at least try to.

When I mean “try to” is I mean that when every my family travels on vacation we primarily fly “stand by”. Flying this type of way has its many advantages and disadvantages. One thing that helps my family out also is that my dad is a pilot for delta and our family gets priority over other people flying stand by.

When I was done eating my beagle and brushing my teeth then my mom, dad and my brother load our bags into the taxi. The taxi driver was polite and got us there without any problems. We unload our bags and make our way inside and to a kiosk to get our boarding pass. We make it through security and make it to the right gate number. We waited and see if we can get on this flight to go to Alaska. Unfortunately we tried all day to get on but couldn’t get on so we came back the next day to try it all over again. Fortunately there were seats open and we were on our way to the biggest state in the whole USA. When we arrived I was tried but I was ready for anything Alaska tried to throw at me. We I stepped out of the airport my breath was taken away by all of Alaskas beauty’s.

Having the privilege of being in Alaska for five days we had a lot planned out for each day. The day we got there we decided just to lay low, relax, and or walk around town. This next day however we planned to climb Mt. Marathon. It’s called me. Marathon because every to often only the toughest and strongest people race to the top and then back down. This hike would take the whole day.

Standing at the bottom and looking up at the monstrous mountain was quite intimidating but what I more concerned about was the presence of bears. Even though my dad had his .40 caliber work pistol with him I was pretty setting that they would feel like bee stings to an eighthunderd pond grizzly bear. Never the less we finish reading the map at the bottom and set off for the summit. The beginning of the hike was easy and was like walking up twenty five degree angle. After a ways of that the terrain changed and the six foot wide trial turn into a skinny snake trail going up at a fourth five degree angle. With the degree being so high it was very tough on the body and we would have to take a brake very so often.

Throughout the day we kept hearing dogs barking something. We noticed this because about every house in Seward owns a dog and keeps it on a leash in the backyard. At the time we thought it was odd but didn’t concern us.

We would take brakes probably every five to ten minutes. We were almost to the half way point were we took a brake. This brake was different because we were almost 3022 feet above sea level and the dogs must have gotten louder because we could still hear them. Right as say to my family “hey what do you think all the dogs are barking at?” It happened. I was sitting on the hardpack grounf of the mountain and I could feel the whole mountain shaking through my body. It wasn’t off the rictor scale but I could feel it in my fingertip. Even weirder than that, when the shaking stopped so did all the dogs in the town and it was dead silent.

Extended metaphor: Dogs are not only companions they are like a sixth sense for a human to detect any danger that might happen. They have the ability to detect natural disasters that might occur for example tornados, earthquakes, and volcano eruptions. A sixth sense would increase the life expectancy. Dogs save people all around the world every day extending people’s lives.

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