#activateBOS Liquor Licensing Recap for 3.23.16 & 3.24.16.

This week’s liquor license hearing included the 4 applications for liquor licenses with restaurant & bar establishments.

(Please note that our tracking of licenses do not include the licensees package stores. )

This week

On 3.23.16 Clarendon Limited Partner dba Sipjacks’s located at 199 Clarendon Street transferred their license to Boston Hospitality Partners LLC at 1 franklin street in downtown AND they petitioned to change the license type from a 7 Day All Alcohol license to a Club License. And they petitioned for a management agreement between Millenium Tower F &B LLC and MG Bos. On 3.24.16, the city board granted them their full request.

On 3.23.16, Minina Cafe Inc. Located at 432 Geneva Ave. Dorchester applied or a Common Victualler 7 day Day Malt and Wine License. The Mayor’s office of neighborhood services, as well as councillors: Baker, Campbell, Pressley, Wu, George & Flaherty.

A neighbor who was an a butter address concerns, but the owner and her had the opportunity to talk in front of the board and with council to guarantee stipulations about when the restaurant will close and that drinks will only be served with food.

On 3.23.16, La Rana Rossa dba La Rana Rossa located at 154 Green Street in Jamaica Plain applied for a 7 day malt and wine license. On 3.24.16, e board deferred because there are no applications available at this time. This is their second time appearing before the board. The first was for a transfer in January in 2016, that did not go through. Reasons why were undisclosed.

Last on the agenda was Bencharit Lewis LLC dba Nile Lounge located at 70 Brighton Ave. in Allston applied for a 7 day malt and wine license. The Mayor’s Office & councillors Ciono


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