To Be Continued…

Since the Midterm Elections 2018, the Cultural Hub conversation has centered around the question of “what’s next?”

Quick historical context, the SV Cultural Hub served as a grassroots headquarters for the Beto O’Rourke US Senate campaign. It brought together over 100 North Hays volunteers that provided support in multiple areas. The Hub was the North Hays part of the largest GOTV grassroots machine that registered voters, lead phone banks, text banks, canvassed neighborhoods, hosted rallies and debate watches, answered midterm elections questions, and raised funds. Anyone fired up by the Beto for Texas campaign found a volunteer role that met their skills and challenged their comfort zones.

So, what’s next? Part of the SV Cultural Hub mission is to continue engaging with residents in the counties of Travis, Hays, and Blanco and empower community members through training, workshops, information sessions, and safe discourse on civics, organizing, campaigning, grassroots efforts, advocacy, etc. on diverse issues.

Source: RobotCosmonaut on Redbubble

As a community engagement event venue, the SV Cultural Hub is a new resident along the 290 corridor of Southwest Austin, Dripping Springs, and the Texas Hill Country. It needs and relies on the financial support of its customers, clients, and supporters. To advance the community engagement strategy of the mission, a volunteer and canvassing maven has ordered and donated the To Be Continued stickers as a fundraiser for the SV Cultural Hub. The stickers were created as “a way to hold on to the inspiration felt from the Beto O’Rourke campaign.”

Thanks to this loyal Hub supporter, the SV Cultural Hub has a limited supply of stickers. Your donation to the Hub mission is welcomed and appreciated. Join the mission, stay involved, and get your sticker! First come, first serve.

Teresa CarbajalRavet

Written by

Chief Culturist at SV Cultural Hub | Cultural Communication | Mothering 5 Bicultural Souls

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