How to make money with TCS Token

Dante Ramos
Sep 25 · 2 min read

Learn to be a trader and earn a lot of money by helping others learn too

The Crypto School will be launched on 1st October and as you already know everyone in the chat will win 90 Days Free Trial!
At The Crypto School you will be constantly updated about the market and especially the key points for decision making. You will learn beyond graphical patterns, receive study materials including how to evolve your emotional side during trades. We will also have the Gem Hunter Contest with the best fundamentalist analysis.

But, how to make money with The Crypto School?

We have created a Marketing Plan where you can benefit and make a lot of money. TCS Token as a utility token and being Deflationary by itself is already an investment opportunity. But our Marketing Plan is much more than that. We offer 2 powerful ways to earn money with TCS

  1. Buy 1000 TCS and Hold: We already have a pool of 5000TCS to be shared fortnightly with 1000TCS holders. The airdrop limit is 100TCS per wallet, so you can earn up to 20% per month for the duration of the pool. Additionally for each of our subscriptions without a sponsor, 30% of paid tokens will be airdroped to the 1000 TCS holders.
  2. Join 90 Days Free Trial (before 1st October) and promote TCS: During this time everyone in the chat (6k members) will have a chance to get to know our services and promote TCS. Sponsoring New Members (Using Your Telegram ID) 30% of tokens paid by the new member will be credited to your wallet ($ 50 in TCS). The more new members you sponsor the more you earn, there are no limits!

TIP: use Twitter, Instagram and Telegram for this

90 Days Free Trial Update and NEW AIRDROP!

  1. Promote The Crypto School and Earn $50 in TCS for each new sponsored member (no limits)
  2. Earn lifetime membership sponsoring only 5 members during this season
  3. Those who sponsor at least 10 new members during the season will share a 2000 TCS pool (limited to the top 20 sponsors).

Learn to be a trader and earn a lot of money by helping others learn as well. The Crypto School is your Financial Freedom Academy! Be the pro!

Dante Ramos
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