Dante Ramos
Nov 30, 2019 · 2 min read

We are happy to announce that we are issuing a new Token with a new Tokenomic.

The utility case of the new token remains the same: to be used for subscriptions to our services. We were negotiating a swap with the exchanges already listed but thet wanted new rates. As these are exchanges did not bring any visibility to TCS we will not renew. We are waiting for a response from Vindax about the swap.

At first the new TCS will be available only on Metamorph V2 and McAfeeDEX and perhaps Vindax. To celebrate our longstanding partnership with Metamorph we are making available 10% of the total supply for a Mega Airdrop that will be conducted by Metamorph staff among its community.

At the first week of December 19, all holders of old TCS will be airdroped at the rate of 1:200. If you don´t have old TCS and want to join this airdrop at low rates, the only way is OTC buy with TCS Token team. More details on our chat. Be aware of scammers, a form request will be provided on our official chat room by tomorrow.

The new total supply is 25,000,000 TCS and the distribution will be made as follows:

39% of total supply will be distributed via airdrop and the Team will own only 29% of it. Remaining tokens will be sold at proper time to raise money for development.


Website update next week

White paper update next week

TCS Token Team will try to sell tokens at $0.005–0.01 price area to raise money for Top 20 CEX listing(s). We want to reach major exchanges as soon as possible.

Once we list on a major exchange we will hire a marketing company to develop a rebrand, new website, tutoring platform and a Marketing Campaign.

The TCS All in One Ann Channel will have an update next week.

For now we still sharing our analysis on the Telegram Free Channel ->

Join our chat now ->

We wish happy trading and happy holding!

Everything is possible for the one who believes Mark 9:23

Dante Ramos


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The Crypto School CEO/ 37y, Christian, married, father, MBA in Strategy Business, degree in Business Administration/ Entrepreneur since 1995

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