Let’s begin! In this evolving life, we attempt many tasks in our lives. Some have an easy acceptance of what their life’s journey is and others do not. Can we change who we are? Do we want to work at being better at what we are? Do we just accept who we are and never change? Do we think “let’s just make the best of it?”

I think the question is “why do we do it?” I believe I have many strong qualities and talents and where I do not succeed I can either work on and learn about. I have to concentrate on my strengths and do not care about my weaknesses. When running a business you just can’t be good at everything because you don’t have time for everything. So, lets concentrate on what we are good at or need to learn. We can always outsource or hire someone who is an “expert” or at least very knowledgeable about what they know.

Humans are creatures of habit and changing a habit is hard. I do not have resolutions for 2016, I have goals and I have a plan in place to reach those goals. My mantra is “I’m going to take charge of my life.” Do you know your “why” known at all times?

Here’s a basic example. I want to become healthier in 2016. So for your health you need a combination of two things: eating right and physical activity. The “why” is to become healthier and the benefits are:

  1. Possibility of living longer
  2. Less money spent on Healthcare
  3. Higher level of self- esteem
  4. Your body will work better for you
  5. It’s the only instrument you will use daily
  6. A better physique
  7. and many more

But you need to why you’re doing it. For me personally, I want to be in great shape and take pride in my body. It is not to impress anyone but myself and I want to be able to have 6 pack abs. That is my goal and it is my why. It’s not easy but neither is life. You make your life easier or harder by the decisions you make.